TKI Warranty Plans

At TKI, we believe that your innovation shouldn’t have to stop working if your equipment does. That’s why we take care of it for you! Every printer comes with a TKI Basic Warranty Plan. That means if you’re having printer problems, we’ll head out to fix it. If our technician can’t solve the problem within an hour, then we’ll replace it with a fully functioning printer.

Looking for even faster service or extended coverage? Please contact us and we can customize a service plan for you.

TKI Basic Warranty Plan: Included with every printer purchase

This plan covers the printer for 6 months after installation and is recommended for home users and hobbyist that will use their printer about once a week. This covers email support and phone support. If we can not solve your issue through email or on the phone, we will send a service representative to resolve the issue.

TKI Basic Plus Warranty Plan: $100

This plan includes everything in the Basic Warranty Plan and extends the coverage to a full year of coverage instead of 6 months of coverage.