About Us

This about us is really about you!

Everyone wants to feel important and when you’re here, you are! We want to supply you with the tools you need to unlock your innovation.

We were just like you, excited about 3D printing and ready to get started. However, we were soon disappointed by months of waiting to receive a machine and then when that machine failed, customer service was non-existent. After several printers (and a significantly lighter wallet), we knew it was up to us to change the industry, and TKI was born.

Turn Key Innovations spawns from the idea that to make something work it should be as easy as turning a key (or in this case, pushing the power button). We decided that instead of depending on someone else’s handy work, we could guarantee higher-quality and reliability by building our own printers. Once our printer has passed rigorous quality inspections, we provide a full installation and training on how to use and maintain your printer. To ensure satisfaction, each printer includes a complimentary warranty plan, which guarantees speedy service when you need assistance.

We know you’re talented and creative, but we also understand that sometimes it takes the right tools to find your inspiration. Whether you've found your inspiration or need a little help, we’re here to provide you with the service you deserve.

Reliably yours,


Turn Key Innovations' mission is to promote innovation and accessibility of personal 3D printers by providing high-quality customer service, products, and support.