Helpful Resources

User Manual
The User Manual includes essential information to keep your printer running like new. It is a reference guide that contains the step by step graphics and description explaining routine maintenance procedures and how to use the printer.

Have a question? Check our FAQ page for answers to commonly asked questions.

Slicing Software
Slicing software takes your CAD file and converts it into a machine code, known as g-code, which has the necessary information for the printer to create the part. The it translates the model into layers and allows you to determine the nozzle temperature, support structure, layer height, shell thickness, and flow rate of your printer.
We recommend using the Cura, slicing software, which is a free, open source software that is compatible with our printers.

Cura Slicing Software
Cura for Windows
Cura for Mac

Bed Leveling Program
For quick and easy bed leveling, we have created this simple program. Download the g-code from the secure dropbox link, and load it onto an SD card. Insert the SD card into your TKI printer and run the file. This code will move the gantry (nozzle and hot end assembly) to the zero position in front of each tower. At each tower the gantry will pause for a few minutes to allow for adjustment of the bed leveling screws. For more detailed instructions reference the TKI User Manual.