Our Printer

To ensure a reliable printer at a reasonable price, we knew we’d have to build them from the ground up. Our printers work by using Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM). FDM printers heat plastic filament through a nozzle and “deposit” it about 0.1 mm thick onto the print bed or the previous filament layer. This process is repeated, layer-by-layer, until your model is complete.

Key Features

After much consideration, the design we chose is a RepRap variant known as a Kossel or Delta printer. We designed this printer to meet the needs of small businesses, universities, and in-home entrepreneurs and innovators. It is made for those who don’t require a complex $30,000 printer, but would greatly benefit from having a 3D printer. Although the price tag may not be as high, we promise that the quality is, and that the customer service will surpass your expectations. Take a look at some of the printer's key features.

Large Build Volume

TKI's printer has a print volume of 8 inches diameter by 8 inches tall. That’s larger than a gallon of paint! The minimalist design provides a clear, open build space for you to observe the printing process and the progress of your model.

Intuitive Design

A large LED display at the base of the printer reports the status of your printer and provides easy user interaction. Printers also include an SD card reader to eliminate the need for a computer connection. The easy-to-use selection knob allows for hassle-free menu access. Ardunio-based electronics use the standard g-code file format that is generated from a wide variety of layer slicing software.

Reliable Performance

To ensure high-quality prints and reliable performance, we have selected the most durable materials in the making of our printers. The wooden base provides a sturdy foundation for the extruded Aluminum vertical supports. Attached to the vertical supports, there are all ball bearing linear rails to extend the life of the printer. Finally, the printer nozzle is supported by Carbon fiber rods. All of that comes together to create the reliable machine that we are proud to call a TKI printer.