OctoPrint 3D Print Server
OctoPrint 3D Print Server
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Our Price: $100.00

Tired of walking back and forth from your computer to your printer to check a printer or set up a print. OctoPrint is a powerful tool that connects your printer to your wireless network. No need to have a computer connected to your printer or print off a SD card. The print server acts as the computer that monitors and commands the printer during printing.

Benefits of OctoPrint:
Monitor printer through the wireless network.
Add and remove gcode files through the network.
Slice stl files using the Cura engine (you can also slice them on your preferred program and load the gcode)
OctoPrint supports a wide range of printer.

It is simple to set up and you will be up and running in 15 minutes.

What is included:
1x Raspberry Pi 2
1x 32G SD card pre-loaded with OctoPrint
1x Wireless dongle
1x Micro USB power cable
1x USB SD card reader

Setup Manual